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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2011

A.B., Harvard University, 2006

(404) 385-3258

MoSE 1100L

Henry, also known by his nickname, Pete, was born in St. Louis, MO. During his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, he worked with Prof. Jared Shaw at the Broad Institute on the synthesis of antibiotics and with Prof. Masahiro Murakami at Kyoto University on main group organometallics. His graduate work, with Professors John Arnold, Robert Bergman, and Dean Toste at UC-Berkeley, focused on the development of a Z-selective alkyne semihydrogenation catalyst. Following graduation, he studied ligand control of reactive low- and high-valent uranium complexes as a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Karsten Meyer at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. He most recently was a Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) with Dr. Stosh Kozimor and studied the ligand K-edge XAS of transuranic complexes and synthesis of f-element frustrated magnetic materials.

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