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The single crystal X-ray diffractometer in the La Pierre group provides quality diffraction data for the structure analysis of compounds. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a Bruker D8 Venture with HELIOS Cu and Mo μS sources and a PHOTON II CPAD detector.

Powder diffraction data can also be collected using either Cu Kα or Mo Kα radiation at temperatures between 100 and 500 K. Samples are contained in Kapton capillary tubes and cooled or heated using an Oxford Cryostream 800 Plus. The diffraction data is recorded on the 2D detector as partial Debye rings at a series of different Bragg angles. These 2D images are then merged and integrated to give conventional 1D diffraction patterns (scattered intensity as a function of Bragg angle).

Our facility personnel can help you with your single crystal diffraction needs. Single crystal X-ray analyses include a publishable quality CIF and a complete structural report. We provide a detailed analysis of the results and supply you with a complete report of your structure as well as any relevant information that is needed for publication. We also have the capability of providing analyses for uranium- and thorium-containing crystals, including waste disposal. 

Rates for Georgia Tech Affiliated Academic Users

Full structure analysis: data collection, data reduction, and standard structure determination

Personnel assistance

Instrument time

Power X-ray diffraction

Unit cell determination

"What is this?"




1 hour personnel assistance

1 hour personnel assistance

1 hour personnel assistance


Dr. John Bacsa


(404) 727-6140


(404) 385-3258

Please contact Dr. Bacsa for all inquiries for your crystallographic needs. For uranium- and thorium-containing compounds, please contact Prof. La Pierre.

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