Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students interested in gaining interdisciplinary training in inorganic synthesis, actinide science, and materials characterization should apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology Chemistry Graduate Program. Current students should arrange to meet with Henry to discuss their research interests.

Postdoctoral Researchers

There are openings for qualified, motivated postdoctoral researchers with expertise in synthetic inorganic chemistry and considerable experience in either manipulating air-sensitive compounds using glovebox and Schlenk techniques or in solid-state synthetic methods. Successful candidates will also have thorough knowledge of typical characterization techniques such as NMR, EPR, UV/Vis, magnetic measurements (SQUID), and X-ray diffraction. Depending on your background and goals, experience with organic chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, actinide/radiochemistry, and synchrotron-based experiments will be helpful. Please send Henry ( a single PDF with the following for consideration:

  • A cover letter indicating your research interests, motivation for joining the group, and career goals.

  • A current CV including a complete list of publications.

  • A 2-page summary of research accomplishments.

  • Reprints of your most significant publication(s) to date (up to 3).

Please also be prepared to send three letters of reference on request.

Undergraduate Students

Georgia Tech undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply to the group and should contact Henry directly by email ( Please include a description of your research interests and a resume with your email.