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Rasmus Tang Christiansen

Ph.D.University of Manchester, 2024

M.S., Physics, University of Copenhagen, 2021

B.S., Physics, University of Copenhagen, 2018

Rasmus grew up in Allerød, a small suburb about 20 miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark. When the time for university came about, he moved to the big city and obtained both a BS and MS in physics from the University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Prof. Kim Lefmann. There, his research revolved around inelastic neutron scattering and magnetism of hard condensed matter. The love for neutrons grew strong, and Rasmus moved to the European Neutron Source at Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France to complete a graduate fellowship on double exchange spin dynamics with mixed-valence molecules supervised by Dr. Mike Baker at the University of Manchester. Besides inelastic neutron scattering, Rasmus also used CW EPR and FIRMS during his graduate studies. Now, he investigates the effects of magnetovibronic coupling on coherence in molecular qubits made from lanthanide and actinide ions in exotic oxidation states.

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